Welcome to the first European Conference on Laboratory Astrophysics

You are invited to attend ECLA2011, which will be held in Paris, 26 - 30 September 2011, in Paris.

Conference scope

European Conference on Laboratory Astrophysics (ECLA), 26- 30 September, 2011,Paris, France

Laboratory astrophysics is an interdisciplinary field whose research benefits from all modern space and ground based observational techniques, as well as experimental facilities like synchrotron radiation sources, high-energy lasers, and sophisticated analytical tools such as mass spectrometry.

Laboratory astrophysics naturally fosters the collaboration between astrophysicists and physicists from many different backgrounds, and its aim is to complement and support astrophysical observations with laboratory based measurements, theoretical and numerical studies.

The objective of the conference is to gather scientists from these communities, share their expertise and discuss about recent results and challenges. The subjects covered are planetary physics, including exoplanets, stellar environments and interstellar medium, stellar physics, including solar physics, compact objects and high energy processes.

The conference will host the first meeting of the board of the European Task Force on Laboratory Astrophysics ( ETFLA/ASTRONET)

Note from 27 april 2012

The review of the proceedings is in progress. After acceptance, they can be cited with the following indications :

ECLA-2011: Proceedings of the European Conference on Laboratory Astrophysics, European Astronomical Society Publications Series, 2012, Editors : C. Stehlé, C. Joblin and L. d'Hendecourt, http://www.eas-journal.org


The final program is available here.

Group photo

group photo

Conference poster

conference poster